Turn, turn, turn

For many of us, winter is blooming into spring, or fall hardening into winter. Which season do you most look forward to?

This is relatively easy as Spring is my favourite season.

The change from the cold and dead of Winter to the hope and growth of Spring always cheers me up, it inspires me to get out and active, take more photographs and to be less morose.

The freshness of Spring is rejuvenating, there is definitely a feeling of change, and a change for the positive.

Summer can sometimes feel as though it is dragging and Autumn is a reminder of mortality and the imminence and bleakness of death and decay.

Winter itself is another season of little change, one dimensional and bleak. Whether rain, snow, wind or cold (and any combination of those) it isn’t cheery, it isn’t uplifting, it isn’t green, yellow, blue, purple and there isn;t that smell of the earth heating up and living again.

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