Kicking this off…



This is the first entry into my journal and I’m still not quite sure what to put in here, though the idea of a gratitude journal does feel as though it could be positive at this point in time.

I was going to start this in the New Year but since I had the domain and the impetus, here we are.

I’ve been finding life difficult over the last few months due to losing my job, and in doing that my focus in life. My job had been central to my identity and what I did in life and without this I have found it very difficult to pick myself back up.

This journal is about exploring my emotions around this and other factors in my life, so it could become a huge big ramble over a lot of different subjects and jump all over the place in my life story so bear with me.

I’ll kick off the gratitude journal with three things to be grateful for today:

  • my partner who is supportive and loving,
  • my house which is a safe place for me at the moment,
  • my hobbies which give me a release from overthinking.

These seem broad strokes and themes but they are the most important things to me at the moment from which to rebuild myself emotionally and socially.

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