One of the things that has been recommended to help me see things clearer has been Mindfulness.
I have had very little to do with stopping and thinking, spending most of my time trying to fill in the gaps and silences with activities and doing things so I didn’t have to think.

This has changed drastically, there just isn’t enough to fill the time and feel as though what I was doing is worthwhile.

So I have been persuaded, by me, to look into this practice and see what it is about and what I want from it.

I don’t expect it to be a panacea or a quick fix, neither of which I’m looking for, but more as a way of me appreciating what I have more and taking my time about things more.

Another practice that has been recommended is Meditation, now both these practices have been recommended by well-meaning and loving friends and family.

My biggest problem with both of these practices is me, my lack of confidence and, most of all, my fear of being proven a fraud, useless and not as smart or able as I project to the world.

Though this time I may just start them without discussing it with anyone as they are for me.

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