Waterstones Darlington

Waterstones Darlington

A new chapter in my life has just started, after working at Caffè Nero for three months a job came up at the local Waterstones.

Now I’ve always had a dream of owning my own bookstore/cafe and after picking up the skills to be a barista it was time to pick up bookselling skills and knowledge of the book world.

So far I’ve really been enjoying it as the shop has a lovely relaxed atmosphere and all the staff are nice and chatty.

There are benefits over and above the pay, there is a great discount on books, but the big one is that there are galley copies of books to be had. The only stipulation is that I have to review the books I read in one form or another.

This could be in a forum, in the shop or on a blog; so look forward to seeing my stumbling attempts at review on this site soon.

Help keep me in coffee!