Mountains of books

Mountain of Books

Mountain of Books

As usual when I pick up a new job I tend to go over board in my enthusiasm and desire to be the best I can at that job, often jumping with both feet before I realise what I’ve taken on and exactly how deep the waters really are.

This new job has been no different than anything else I’ve taken on in the last year, I threw myself in whole hearted and wanted to do everything and know everything and have now racked up a large collection of books to read and review.

After looking at this pile I’ve decided that I will have to specialise; and have decided to specialise in children’s books and speculative fiction.

I will continue to give at least a small review to every book I read at my Goodreads page, and my speculative fiction reviews will also be on the Wicked Words website.

The picture I’ve attached is the pile of physical children’s books I’ve received to review since deciding to specialise, I also have several to read from NetGalley and I’m having to find a system for doing this whilst working and having time to relax.

The next book I have to read is Waterstones Children’s Book of the Month for October 2016: ‘The Secret of Nightingale Wood‘ by Lucy Strange.

  • A beautifully told debut with a classic feel.
  • Reminiscent of Michelle Magorian’s ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ with a touch of ‘The Secret Garden’, with the more contemporary appeal of Emma Carroll.
  • Gorgeous cover perfect for Christmas gifting.
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