Women In Science
Women in Science
Women in Science

I asked for a reading copy of this as I was intrigued by the cover art work, it looked so beautiful. I am also highly interested in shining a light on women that have been hidden from history, either through the roles that they were allowed to have in society and/or by the conscious actions of men in their lives.

When the book arrived I was really pleased with the quality and beauty of the illustrations on the cover and couldn’t wait to get it home to explore it. It is a lovely hard-back edition that really shows of the graphic quality of Rachel Ignotofsky’s work.

On opening the book this passion for quality and detail shine through, the paper is good quality and the colours shine out making the whole a wonderful experience to look at.

The book is broken down into small biographies of 50 important women in various scientific fields, with the left page having a cartoonish portrait of the person being written about with a few key points and a stylised background themed to their specialism. The right hand page then continues the biography with some key facts around the edges of the page with a core of information.

This worked well as before I knew it I had read the book, so there is not too much information to digest but just the right amount really. The most time consuming part of reading this book? Well, it was going back and forth on the illustrations looking at the rich detail.

I am in love with this book and will be using it in our half-term readings as our theme is space and science as I got a lot of interest from parents of young girls when I mentioned this book.

Looking forward to getting a copy to my niece as I think all girls should have a copy of this book to show what can be achieved and to encourage them not to let anyone tell them otherwise.

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