NaNoWriMo Activities

The fun stuff:

Gather your music! I highly recommend snagging some soundtracks, preferably instrumental ones. Lyrics can distract you at a crucial time, but instrumental soundtracks are perfect! You got your kickass music, your sad music, your talky music, it’s all there.

Cast your characters! We live in a very visual age, and frankly, it’s fun! Having a face to look at when describing characters also helps. Plus, hell, who doesn’t want to put their favorite underrated actor/actress as a star!

Find your writing place! Coffee shops, that couch in the corner, the desk you currently have all your clothes on, etc. Try them all out, see what feels best! You’re going to need a place to get some serious work down, and if you start now, you have plenty of time to find it.

The serious stuff:

Kick in your timefinder: Now is the time to map out your weeks and find those free spots. Now is the time to plan ahead for that paper due in November, that job project, Thanksgiving. You’ll feel much better when the month actually rolls around.

Find your NaNo buddies: I’m going to be straight up here, it is super hard to do NaNo on your own. It is much, much easier to have a small collection of people, or a partner, or make your mom ask you every day ‘so how’s that word count?’It doesn’t matter if you have an in-person writing group or friends online, it’s just helpful to have people keeping tabs on you (especially if you have to return the favor!)
You’ll notice none of this has to do with actually writing yet. That’s because it’s much, much too early to pull out you writing plans, we’ll get to that. Have fun!

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