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Yup, that's me
Yup, that’s me
  1. Why did you start this blog?

    Initially it was a catch-all blog for general blogging, everything and the kitchen sink found itself coming into here and it was extremely disorganised, then I started a quarterly for speculative fiction and that had to go as circumstances changed and others pulled out (though I would love to start it again in the future).

    The review side of it started by accident as usual, I became a bookseller and in return for review copies I have to write a review, so rather than just reviewing on Goodreads and Waterstones I thought this would be a good place to collect them all.

  2. What are some fun and unique things you can bring to book blogging?

    Unique is that I’m old, well sort of, and this I believe gives me a different perspective from younger bloggers (not better or worse, just different) and this helps pepper up the mix of reviews that people can access to inform their decisions.

    Fun things? Not really sure. I’m grumpy and curmudgeonly but get really shakingly passionate when I talk about books.

  3. What are you excited about for this new blog?

    It gives me another place to be enthusiastic about books and share that enthusiasm with more people (ok maybe not) than I can usually meet in the shop.

  4. What do you love reading?

    Pretty much anything, I love non-fiction books about nature and art, fantasy, sci-fi, YA, MG and will pick up practically anything. I’ve even read some hisotic fiction recently and enjoyed it 😉

  5. What book or series got you into reading?

    I’m not sure as I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t reading. I remember when I was really young, about 3 or 4, standing up at the Xmas dinner to do our party tricks and mine was reading from the newspaper which seemed to impress everyone. Luckily I had a teacher at school who would leave me alone with the reading materials and just let me read what I wanted at my own pace as I was several years ahead in comprehension and needed no assistance other than encouragement and a dictionary.

  6. What question would you ask your favourite authors?

    Jsut how do you craft such excellent openings to your books? This would be especially true for the opening of Neuromancer by William Gibson.

  7. What challenges do you think starting a blog will be the hardest to overcome?

    Keeping up the impetus to actually write something regularly, but to begin with I’ve decided a minimum of four posts a month on anything book-related (or bloggin-related) that I’m interested in, slow and steady but consistent and then I may up the pace and content as I get used to writing.

  8. When did you start reading?

    When I was very young, I actually don’t really remember a time without books. One of my earliest memories is of the first book I bought for myself out of my pocket money, The Hobbit, I was so happy to actually buy my own books.

  9. Where do you read?

    Anywhere I can get comfortable, but I do love reading on long train trips as there is something so relaxing about the mix of reading and travel.

  10. What kind of books do you love to read?

    An inspiring book, whether fiction or non-fiction, something that makes me want to never put the book down and when I have to share that book with others.
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