How To Write The Perfect Blog Post
Blogging by xkcd
Blogging by xkcd

After reading umpteen posts on ‘How to Blog for your Audience’, ‘Blogging for Cash’, ‘Incentivise Your Blogging’, Money and Blogging, ‘Blogging Will Help Your Pension Fund’, etc. I thought I would let you in on my secret for writing the perfect blog post.

Write what you want, when you want!

This is it, I don’t run to a schedule, I don’t have a tight focus (though the blog is loosely a review site for children’s books), I don’t make my posts for the sole (or mostly) purpose of getting followers or monetising, I don’t keyword load, I don’t run with trends.

What I do do is post when I want, sometimes several times a day, sometime not for several days. When I do post it is mainly for me as I have no illusions that anyone else but myself really wants to read what I write and I’m comfortable with that.

I also have no illusions about making any money from this blog as it is mainly for me, if I do get some that is nice and it will help pay for hosting, etc but meh, give or take it really.

This all goes back to Slow Blogging that I wrote about earlier, take your time, enjoy your blog, express yourself in your way, be genuine.

Though if anyone does want to go to my Patreon and fund me a couple of thousand a month I wouldn’t say no.

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