Four Books Podcast

This is the first of Martin Stewart’s new podcast series ‘Four Books’ where he talks to other successful bookish people about their favourite four books.

In this podcast, I find out which four books my guests cherish above all others. They have to imagine that they’re about to be cast away to a… ahem… beamed up to an alien spaceship, with only have time to grab four books to take on their one-way journey.

There is a nice relaxed feeling to the chat and both writers talk about their favourite books and writing processes.

Alice talks about how she came to write the wonderful books, Ink and Spark. I totally agree with all her choices to take on the spaceship, especially ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’ which continues to be one of my favourite books of all time.

This has been bookmarked to make sure I don’t miss an episode.

Loved the seagulls in the background, made me want to go home to Edinburgh.

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