The End is Nigh

Independent Bookshops
Independent Bookshops
It’s only a few weeks from now and this blog will be be closed and I will be blogging from Independent Bookshops.

Thanks to all my followers on the blog and on my twitter account but I just couldn’t keep up with both blogs along with RealLife™

Blogging for Independent Bookshops gives me more opportunities to expand outside of Children’s Books and feel comfortable as I felt that it didn’t fit with this theme/idea.

On Independent Bookshops I will still be reviewing children’s books, but I will also have the scope to review all genres alongside that.

We will also be blogging about:

  • Independent bookshops
  • Bookish events
  • #BanterWithBooksellers
  • Bookselling
  • Independent publishers
  • Writing tips and tricks
  • and much more…

Hopefully I will see some of you across on Independent Bookshops in the near future and once again thank you for following me over. the last year.

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