At Wicked Words blog I want to use my 30 years plus experience working with children – pre-school to 19 year olds in special education – to help inform my choices of books to review and also the review itself. My initial training and first few years of working was with pre-school children as a nursery officer, this was a difficult area for a man to enter in the early 80s, and I eventually progressed into residential special education for boys on the autistic spectrum.

This, paired with my love of books, always informed my practice, and I always encouraged reading in as many forms as possible wherever I worked.

My own personal taste in books did show through as well, the fantastic and the absurd was always at the fore, lyrical prose and rich descriptions which helped to build a complete world for the reader was preferred. A clear moral compass not so much, as lessons have to be real not just what the ruling hegemony may dictate at that time. Science fiction and High Fantasy were my main genres but a good Fairy Tale or Myth was always good to keep the imagination working, this has made transitioning into reading YA a real pleasure, especially the way it has been developing over the last decade.

A lot of my personal reading is still speculative fiction, but I am branching into many more areas now that I work at Waterstones and have access to a lot of different books.

I want to transfer this love of reading to this blog and help more generations of new readers discover their favourite books and to help others choose books as gifts for the ‘children’ in their lives.

There will also be helpful tips and tricks for writers at whatever stage of their writing career, from daily prompts and help with NaNoWriMo all the way to contacts for agents and editors.

Wicked Words Quarterly has also made a return, a quarterly for speculative fiction; horror, science fiction and fantasy, or whatever you can tickle the editor’s interest with.

So keep an eye out for developments.

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