These are the books in my art/philosophy section organised by authors and editors. Each link leads to my Amazon affiliate account.


AA Publishing Garden Photographer of the Year: Collection 1 (Photography)

AA Publishing Garden Photographer of the Year: Collection 2 (Photography)

AA Publishing Landscape Photographer of the Year: Collection 1

AA Publishing Landscape Photographer of the Year: Collection 2 (Photography)

AA Publishing Landscape Photographer of the Year Collection 3

AA Publishing Landscape Photographer of the Year: Collection 4 (Photography)

Adams, Ansel The Print (Ansel Adams Photography)

Ades, Dawn and McClean, Alison eds. Revolution on Paper: Mexican Prints 1910-1960

Adorno, Theodor; Benjamin, Walter; Bloch, Ernst; Brecht, Bertolt and Lukas, Georg Aesthetics and Politics (Radical Thinkers)

Alberti, Leon Battista On Painting (Classics)

Anderson, Perry The Origins of Postmodernity

Ang, Tom Digital Photographer’s Handbook

Ang, Tom Digital Photography Masterclass: Advanced Photographic and Image-manipulation Techniques for Creating Perfect Pictures

Appignanesi, Richard and Garratt, Chris Introducing Postmodernism

Archer, Michael Art Since 1960 (World of Art)

Artigas, Isabel Gaudi, Complete Works (Evergreen Series)

Aston, Margaret The Renaissance Complete

Ayers, Tim The History of British Art: 600 – 1600

Bachelard, Gaston The Poetics of Space

Banksy Wall and Piece

Badger, Gerry The Genius of Photography

Barber, Barrington The Complete Book of Drawing

Barber, Barrington The Fundamentals of Drawing: A Complete Professional Course for Artists

Barker, Emma; Webb, Nick and Woods, Kim eds. The Changing Status of the Artist (Open University: Art and Its Histories)

Barker, Emma ed. Contemporary Cultures of Display (Open University: Art and Its Histories)

Barthes, Roland Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography (Vintage Classics)

Barthes, Roland Image Music Text

Barthes, Roland Mythologies (Vintage Classics)

Battistini, Matilde Symbols and Allegories in Art (Guide to Imagery)

Baudrillard, Jean Passwords (Radical Thinkers Classic Editions)

Baudrillard, Jean The System of Objects (Radical Thinkers)

Baudrillard, Jean Fragments (Radical Thinkers)

Baudrillard, Jean The Perfect Crime (Radical Thinkers Series 3)

Baumer, Angelica Klimt’s Women (Mini Albums)

Baxandall, Michael Painting and Experience in Fifteenth-Century Italy: A Primer in the Social History of Pictorial Style (Oxford Paperbacks)

BBC Books Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Portfolio 12

BBC Books Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Portfolio 17 (Wildlife Photographer of the Year)

Beaton, Cecil BRITISH PHOTOGRAPHERS. Britain in Pictures series.

Benjamin, Walter Illuminations

Benton, Janetta Rebold Art of the Middle Ages (World of Art)

Berger, John About Looking

Berger, John Ways of Seeing (Penguin Modern Classics)

Bindman, David The History of British Art: 1600 – 1870: 2

Boucher, Bruce Italian Baroque Sculpture (World of Art)

Brandt, Bill; James, Peter and Sadler, Richard Homes Fit for Heroes: Photographs by Bill Brandt 1939-43

Brettle, Jane Airside

British Museum A Guide to the Early Christian and Byzantine Antiquities in the Department of British and Mediaval Antiquities: With Fifteen Plates and Eighty-Four Illustrations

Britt, David Modern Art: Impressionism to Post-Modernism

Cameron, Julia The Artist’s Way: A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self

Carli, Enzo; Gudiol, Jose and Souchal, Genevieve, eds. Gothic Painting

Carr-Gomm, Sarah The Hutchinson Dictionary of Symbols in Art

Cartier-Bresson, Henri Man and Machine

Caruana, Wally Aboriginal Art (World of Art)

Cattrell, Peter Photography (Foundation Course)

Chambers, Ellie and Northedge, Andrew, eds. The Arts Good Study Guide

Chapman, Hugo and Faietti, Marzia eds. Fra Angelico to Leonardo: Italian Renaissance Drawings

Chipps Smith, Jeffrey The Northern Renaissance (Art & Ideas)

Chilvers, Ian; Farr, Dennis and Osborne, Harold, eds. The Oxford Dictionary of Art

Clarke, Graham The Photograph: A Visual and Cultural History (Oxford History of Art)

Cook, Sarah; Graham, Beryl; Gfader, Verina and Lap, Axel, eds. A Brief History of Curating New Media Art: Conversations with Curators

Cooper, Emmanuel Ten Thousand Years of Pottery

Cotton, Charlotte The Photograph as Contemporary Art (World of Art)

Cowen, Painton English Stained Glass

Crawshaw, Alwyn Collins Learn to Paint – Watercolours

Crist, Steve The Polaroid Book: Selections from the Polaroid Collections of Photography

Debord, Guy Society of the Spectacle

Dempsey, Amy Styles, Schools and Movements: The Essential Encyclopaedic Guide to Modern Art

Duncan, Alastair Art Nouveau (World of Art)

Duncan, Carol Civilizing Rituals: Inside Public Art Museums (Re Visions: Critical Studies in the History & Theory of Art)

Dunkerton, Jill; Foister, Susan; Gordon, Dillian; and Penny, Nicholas eds. Giotto to Durer: Early Renaissance Painting in The National Gallery: Early European Painting in the National Gallery (National Gallery of London)

Dyer, Geoff The Ongoing Moment

Eaglemoss Publications “Watercolour Challenge”: Practical Painting Course

Economopoulos, Nikos In the Balkans: Photographs by Nikos Economopoulos/Magnum Photos

Edwardes, Guy 100 Ways To Take Better Landscape Photographs

Edwards, Betty The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Edwards, Steve Art and Its Histories: A Reader

Edwards, Steve and Wood, Paul, eds. Art of the Avant-gardes (Open University Art of the Twentieth Century)

Elam, Kimberly Geometry of Design: Studies in Proportion and Composition (Design Briefs)

Elkins, James The Object Stares Back (Harvest Book)

Elliot, Patrick Companion Guide to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Essers, Volkmar Matisse (Basic Art Album)

Ewing, William and Herschdorfer, Nathalie reGeneration: 50 Photographers of Tomorrow

Fahr-Becker, Gabriele Japanese Prints (Taschen 25th Anniversary)

Ferguson, George Signs and Symbols in Christian Art: With Illustrations from Paintings of the Renaissance (Galaxy Books)

Fernie, Eric ed. Art History and Its Methods: A Critical Anthology

Fossi, Gloria Uffizi Gallery (Official Guides to Florentine Museums)

Foster, Hal Design and Crime: (And Other Diatribes) (Radical Thinkers Classic Editions)

Foster, Hal The Return of the Real: Art and Theory at the End of the Century: Avant-garde at the End of the Century (October Books)

Foucault, Michel Archaeology of Knowledge (Routledge Classics)

Frank, Robert Robert Frank: The Americans

Freeman, John The Photographer’s Guide to Black and White (Complete Masterclass)

Freeman, John The Photographer’s Guide to Light

Freeman, Julian British Art: A Walk Round the Rusty Pier

Freeman, Michael The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos

Frost, Lee Photos That Sell: The Art of Successful Freelance Photography

Gaiger, Jason ed. Frameworks for Modern Art (Open University Art of the Twentieth Century)

Gaiger, Jason and Woods, Paul, eds. Art of the Twentieth Century: A Reader

Godfrey, Tony Conceptual Art (Art & Ideas)

Goldberg, Vicki Light Matters: Writings on Photography (Aperture Ideas)

Gombrich, E. H. Art and Illusion: v. 6: A Study in the Psychology of Pictorial Representation

Gombrich, E. H. The Story of Art Pocket Edition

Gordon, Dillian 100 Great Paintings: Duccio to Picasso : European Paintings from the 14th to the 20th Century

Grabowski, Beth and Fick, Bill eds. Printmaking: A Complete Guide to Materials and Processes

Graham-Dixon, Andrew A History of British Art

la Grange, Ashley Basic Critical Theory for Photographers

Greenberg, Reese; Ferguson, Bruce and Nairne, Sandy Thinking About Exhibitions

Gronert, Stefan The Dusseldorf School of Photography

Grosenick, Uta and Riemschneider, Burkhard eds. Art Now (Taschen 25)

Grosenick, Uta Art Now – Vol. 2

Grosenick, Uta and Seelig, Thomas, eds Photo Art: The New World of Photography

Guth, Christine Art Library: Japanese Art Edo Perio (Everyman Art Library)

Hall, Sean This Means This, This Means That: A User’s Guide to Semiotics

Harrison, Charles and Wood, Paul with Gaiger, Jason, eds. Art in Theory 1648-1815: An Anthology of Changing Ideas

Harrison, Charles and Wood, Paul with Gaiger, Jason, eds. Art in Theory, 1815-1900

Harrison, Charles and Wood, Paul, eds. Art in Theory 1900-2000: An Anthology of Changing Ideas

Hatt, Michael and Klonk, Charlotte Art History: A Critical Introduction to Its Methods

Hedgecoe, John John Hedgecoe’s Complete Guide to Black and White Photography


Hicks, Nigel Digital SLR Bible, The: A Complete Guide for the 21st Century Photographer

Hicks, Roger and Shultz, Frances Medium and Large Format Photography: Moving Beyond 35mm for Better Pictures

Hicks, Roger and Shultz, Frances The Photographer’s Guide to the Studio

Hilton, Timothy The Pre-Raphaelites (World of Art)

Hoddinott, Ross Digital Macro Photography

Holborn, Mark Propaganda: Photographs from Soviet Archives

Holzwarth, Hans Werner Art Now: v. 3

Honnef, Klaus Pop Art (Taschen Basic Art Series)

Honnef, Klaus Andy Warhol 1928-1987: Commerce into Art (Basic Art Album)

Hopkins, Andrew Italian Architecture: From Michelangelo to Borromini (World of Art)

Hughes, Ann d’Arcy and Vernon-Morris, Hebe Printmaking: Traditional and Contemporary Techniques

Hunter, Fil; Biver, Steven and Fuqua, Paul eds. Light Science and Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting

Janus Man Ray, the Photographic Image

Jeffrey, Ian The Photo Book

Johnson, Brooks Photography Speaks: 150 Photographers On Their Art

Kennard, Peter The Domesday Book (Critical Image)

Kennell, Sarah and Waggoner, Diane In the Darkroom: An Illustrated Guide to Photographic Processes before the Digital Age

King, Catherine ed. Views of Difference: Different Views of Art (Open University: Art and Its Histories)

Klingshr-Leroy, Cathrin Surrealism (Taschen Basic Art Series)

Kocur, Zoya and Leung, Simon Theory in Contemporary Art: From 1985 to the Present

Krause, Jim Photo Idea Index: Explore New Ways to Capture and Create Exceptional Images with Digital Cameras and Software

Krauss, Rosalind Bachelors (October Books)

Langford, Michael Basic Photography

Langford, Michael Advanced Photography

Lardinois, Brigitte Magnum Magnum

Lavrentiev, Alexander N. and Bowlt, John E. Aleksandr Rodchenko: Experiments for the Future

Lewison, Jeremy Moore (Taschen Basic Art Series)

Loviny, Christophe Cuba by Korda

McKenzie, Joseph Gorbals Children: A Study in Photographs

McLuhan, Marshall and Fiore, Quentin The Medium is the Massage: An Inventory of Effects (Penguin Modern Classics)

McNiff, Shaun Trust the Process: An Artist’s Guide to Letting Go

Marzaroli, Oscar and McIlvanney, William Shades of Grey. Glasgow 1956-1987

Meehan, Les Black and White Digital Photography: Creating and Manipulating Great Monochrome Images

Milner, Marion On Not Being Able to Paint

mima British Surrealism and Other Realities: The Sherwin Collection

mima Draw: Conversations around the legacy of drawing

mima Edmund de Waal at Kettle’s Yard, mima and elsewhere

mima Eric Bainbridge: Forward Thinking 1976-2008

mima Felieke van der Leest: Sieradenfabels / Jewellery Fables

mima Katy Moran: Paintings

mima You In Between

Mink, Janis Joan Miro.: 1893 – 1983

Moszynska, Anna Abstract Art (World of Art)

Mulligan, Therese, and Wooters, David, eds. A History of Photography: From 1839 to the Present (The George Eastman House Collection)

Mundy, Jennifer Duchamp Manray Picabia

Murray, Linda and Peter, eds. The Penguin Dictionary of Art and Artists (Penguin Reference Books)

Nash, David David Nash at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Nash, Susie Northern Renaissance Art (Oxford History of Art)

Newhall, Beaumont ed. Photography: Essays and Images – Illustrated Readings in the History of Photography

O’Doherty, Brian Inside the White Cube: The Ideology of the Gallery Space

Obrist, Hans Ulrich Hans Ulrich Obrist: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Curating But Were Afraid to Ask

Oliver, Cordelia The Seeing Eye: The Life and Work of George Oliver

Panzer, Mary and Caujolle, Christian Things As They Are: Photojournalism in Context Since 1955

Parr, Martin and Badger, Gerry The Photobook: v. 1: A History

Parr, Martin and Badger, Gerry The Photobook: History v. 2

Parramon, Jose M. Techniques and Colour: A Practical Course in Watercolour Painting (Practical courses in watercolours)

Parramon, Jose M. Composition and Interpretation: A Practical Course in Watercolour Painting

Pearlman, Alec. Rollei manual: The complete book of twin-lens photography

Perry, Gill and Cunningham, Colin eds. Academies, Museums and Canons of Art (Open University: Art and Its Histories)

Perry, Gill, ed. Difference and Excess in Contemporary Art: The Visibility of Women’s Practice (Art History Special Issues)

Perry, Gill Gender and Art (Open University: Art and Its Histories)

Perry, Gill and Wood, Paul, eds Themes in Contemporary Art (Open University Art of the Twentieth Century)

Pevsner, Nikolaus Englishness of English Art

Phaidon Press, ed. The Art Book

Phillips, Sandra Martin Parr

Pollock, Griselda and Zemans, Joyce, eds. Museums After Modernism: Strategies of Engagement (New Interventions in Art History)

Pollock, Griselda Vision and Difference: Feminism, Femininity and Histories of Art (Routledge Classics)

Portfolio (biannual magazine of contemporary photography) – Issues 19-22, 23-27, 31-31, 34-38, 40-52

Prendeville, Brendan Realism in 20th Century Painting (World of Art)

Ranciere, Jacques Aesthetics and Its Discontents

Ranciere, Jacques The Future of the Image

Read, Herbert A Concise History of Modern Painting

Read, Herbert; Baker, John; and Lammer, Alfred eds. English Stained Glass.

Rees, A.L. and Borzello, F. The New Art History

Rhodes, Colin Outsider Art: Spontaneous Alternatives (World of Art)

Richardson, Carol M. Locating Renaissance Art: Renaissance Art Reconsidered (Renaissance Art Reconsidered Open University): 2 (Open University: Renaissance Art Reconsidered)

Richardson, Carol M., Woods, Kim W. and Franklin, Michael W. eds. Renaissance Art Reconsidered: An Anthology of Primary Sources

Ritchin, Fred After Photography

Rookmaaker, H.R., Modern art and the death of a culture

Ruskin, John Penguin Great Ideas : On Art And Life

Russell, Bertrand The Problems of Philosophy (OPUS)

Said, Edward S. Orientalism

Sante, Luc and Evans, Walker Walker Evans (Phaidon 55’s)

Shore, Stephen The Nature of Photographs: a Primer

Short, Maria Basics Creative Photography 02: Context and Narrative

Simpson, Ian The Encyclopedia of Drawing Techniques (A Quarto book)

Sontag, Susan On Photography

Sontag, Susan Regarding the Pain of Others

Stangos, Nikos Concepts of Modern Art: From Fauvism to Postmodernism (World of Art)

Steichen, Edward and Sandburg, Carl The Family of Man

Stephens, Chris The History of British Art: 1870 – now: 3

Szarkowski, John The Photographer’s Eye

Tate, Elizabeth The Encyclopedia of Painting Techniques

Tharp, Twyla The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life

Thornton, Gene Masters of the camera: Stieglitz, Steichen & their successors

Tolstoy, Leo What is Art? (Penguin Classics)

Valimaki, Matti Avantgarde 1910-1930: Venäläistä ja neuvostoliittolaista taidetta … : näyttely … 1.8.1989-1.10.1989 Turun taidemuseo

Vaneigem, Raoul Revolution of Everyday Life

Vaughan, William Gainsborough (World of Art)

Vergo, Peter, ed. The New Museology (Critical views)

Watson, Peter Light in the Landscape

Welch, Evelyn Art in Renaissance Italy 1350-1500 (Oxford History of Art)

Wells, Liz, ed. The Photography Reader

Wells, Liz, ed. Photography: A Critical Introduction

Weston, Richard Modernism

Wheeler, Mortimer Roman Art and Architecture (World of Art)

Williams, Raymond Culture and Materialism (Radical Thinkers)

Williams, Raymond Politics of Modernism (Radical Thinkers)

Wilson, Arnold Nature Photography

Wilton, Andrew Five Centuries of British Painting: From Holbein to Hodgkin (World of Art)

Wolf, Norbert Expressionism (Taschen Basic Art Series)

Wölfflin, Heinrich Principles of Art History: The Problem of the Development of Style in Later Art

Wood, Paul ed. The Challenge of the Avant-garde (Open University: Art and Its Histories)

Wood, Paul ed. Varieties of Modernism (Open University Art of the Twentieth Century)

Woods, Kim Making Renaissance Art: Renaissance Art Reconsidered: 1 (Renaissance Art Reconsidered Open University) (Open University: Renaissance Art Reconsidered)

Woods, Kim Viewing Renaissance Art (Renaissance Art Reconsidered Open University): 3 (Open University: Renaissance Art Reconsidered)

Woods, Louise The Printmaking Handbook: The Complete Guide to the Latest Techniques, Tools, and Materials

Young, Charles R. The Twelfth-Century Renaissance

Zaczek, Iain Celtic Art and Design (Treasury of Decorative Art S.)

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