NaNoWriMo Day #6

In the shallow end…

In the shallow end…

Word count after writing a long newsletter yesterday and the diary post is now a respectable 4541.

After writing a few of these updates and looking at the information I’m giving out in them I realised it isn’t worth doing my weekly newsletter (Wicked Words Wednesday) until December comes around, as there’s nothing left for a weekly newsletter.

In December there will be less daily updates on the blog and more about my actual writing therefore the newsletter will be more active in the future.

Today I’ve been working on another project I volunteer for reading and editing short stories for publication and I’ve not really got around to doing much work on my own writing, but have started plotting a piece about how libraries were really important to me throughout my life but especially in my mid to late teens.

The basic core before I started work on this was:

I was so lucky that I had two good early figures in my life regarding reading, my nan and Miss Lawson.

Both the local librarians and Edinburgh Central librarians were comforting and caring.

Local as refuge from family, central as refuge from life and later on a warm place to sit and read.

Reading and education as a way of escaping.

So far I’ve developed this little thought piece into about 600 words and counting, talking about how I feel libraries changed my life.

The photo prompt today is a photograph of an Antony Gormley in the Water of Leith, a shadow in the flow of the river.

NaNoWriMo Day #4

Blue skies ahead

Blue skies ahead

Yesterday was pretty much a bust when it came to writing, was way too tired after work, this wasn’t helped by getting caught up in the ever grinding news cycle. So when I got home all I wanted to do was relax and get away from the internet and read. So I only got to write yesterday’s diary entry and that has taken my month’s word total to 2555, still having a running total helps me to realise how much I actually write in a day/week/month.

Today, I’ve put together a couple of newsletter posts for a directory I volunteer with to try and get ahead of myself and having a few spare to give me some breathing space if I don’t have the time later on to write a post.

I’ve also finished reading ‘Ten Things About Writing’ – see the review here.

The next writing book I’ve picked up to read is called ‘Sin and Syntax’ by Constance Hale, this is a book I saw recommended by Andrew Wille on his self guided M.A. in Creative Writing post which I’ve still got bookmarked for use in the future.

I’ll be reading this book over the next few days continuing to give myself permission to read and develop as a writer, but alongside this I’ll be finishing ‘The Good Bear’ by Sarah Lean which has started out so well and was chosen as one of Waterstones Books of the Month.

NaNoWriMo Day #2

Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket

Yesterday was a nice quiet start to my NaNoWriMo, and after writing my diary post and a couple of newsletter posts I achieved a word count of 1025.

I was actually quite pleased with that as they were all my own words, not lists, old documents, or other works rehashed.

I started to read the ‘Complete Creative Writing Course’ but almost fell asleep so went to bed with ‘Ten Things About Writing’ instead.

I love books like this for bedtime reading as there is enough information in one chapter to take in before falling asleep, or occasionally it will grip you totally and you will read the whole book in a few hours instead.

I’ll also be adding at least one photo of my own to the post that people could, if they want, use as a writing prompt.

Today’s was taken on one of my many walks around Darlington, I like picking little abandoned points like this and I’m going to collect them all into a photography project one day.


“A poetic form from the Pashtun women of Afghanistan and Pakistan based around an oral tradition of singing their injustices and their love.

The form is of two sentences, nine syllables in the first and thirteen in the second, sometimes they rhyme and they try to end in a ma or na sound.”

After reading the article at The Poetry Foundation about the culture and history of the oral tradition I was trepidatious that I was going to use such a strong part of their culture as a writing exercise and initially thought that I wasn’t going to write one but here is mine

Bearded or not, the men take and hold

Steal the hearts, souls and bodies, give hate in return.

Now off to write a post for my gaming newsletter and try and keep up some impetus in all the various projects I’ve got going.

I’ll also be spending an hour with one of the various resources that I have to learn more about the art of writing.