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Recently I’ve downloaded Libby as a way of getting free audiobooks and ebooks through the library service in the UK.

What I hadn’t realised was that it also made available so many different magazines to cover practically any interest and taste.

The magazines that I’ve sampled that are specific to writing and writers are: Creative NonFiction, The Writer, Writing Magazine, and several literary review magazines.

Better still is if you are wanting to write articles for a specific magazine such as SFX or Empire, you can read multiple copies of them here to get the feel for what they are after and the general style of the magazine.

The app is one of the better magazine apps I’ve used, mainly due to the ability to read the article free of the surrounding text, images, and advertising. This turns the text and image into a reasonably well formatted article.

You can still pinch and squeeze the actual magazines themselves to keep the format and magazine experience if you want but for me, the ‘Read the Article’ function makes it far more of an enjoyable experience on the phone.

Overall really enjoying this and hope some more of the magazine apps take notice.

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