Review Policy

Wicked Words is a UK based book and writing blog staffed by one avid reader (me) with diverse tastes. I write reviews from books of many different genres, age categories and formats.

Hitchhiker's Guide

Hitchhiker’s Guide

Each week I aim to post at least one review from speculative fiction; horror, science fiction, fantasy or other speculative fiction. This can be for any age group, including children, teens and Y.A.

There will also be posts/reviews about other genres of fiction as and when, but the main focus will be children’s books and speculative fiction.

At Wicked Words I’m happy to discuss blog content and accept review copies from traditional publishers and their authors. If you have a post idea or review copy you think we would be interested in please contact us at:

Wicked Words doesn’t accept any monetary compensation for the reviews it posts.
All reviews posted are the honest opinion of the reviewer.

Please note: Wicked Words is dedicated to the books we enjoy. While we do not guarantee a favourable review, we do not post reviews of books that we dislike or are unable to finish on this blog. I will also try my best not to post spoilers but give a general review about tone and writing with a few pertinent facts to support this.

How reviews are presented:

Each Wicked Words review contains cover artwork (where available), a synopsis of the book (taken from Goodreads, Waterstones, Amazon or the book jacket) and a review.

In addition to publication on this blog, Wicked Words reviews are published on Goodreads, Amazon and Waterstones.

Book reviews are publicised and linked on the Wicked Words twitter account and the Wicked Words Facebook fan page.

Wicked Words reviews are unable to guarantee a publication date for an individual review however we endeavour to publish reviews of ARC’s in the month preceding publication or the two weeks following publication.

Disclosure: For the purpose of supplying some content (cover art work, book summaries, publication dates) Wicked Words is a member of the Amazon associate program. Any profits made from the association will be used to fund the continuation of the Wicked Word blog and content.