Ten Things About Writing – Review

Ten Things About Writing

Ten Things About Writing

Following Joanne Harris on Twitter is always worth it, supportive and enthusiastic about writing and the process, and her twitter threads of “Ten Things…” are always refreshing.

So as soon as I saw that she was releasing a collection of her writing tips in a single volume I popped it onto my #TBR.

My original idea was just to have this by my computer and read it bit by bit as I worked, getting inspiration or support from it when I needed it.

This is still going to happen and it now does have pride of place by the monitor, but I couldn’t resist reading it from start to finish in a couple of days as the collection of tips and information was moreish.

One was never enough as each led onto another naturally and before I knew it half the book was gone.

Each section is a themed collection of ten different areas about writing with ten hints/tips/ideas and more listed there to help and support writers whatever part of the journey they’re on.

My personal favourites being Permission and Imposter Syndrome since I’m in the foothills of writing right now and I’ll be reading these again, regularly.

A great collection that has made me feel supported and given me more confidence in actually writing rather than wanting to write.

NaNoWriMo Day #1



As soon as I opened this document to start writing I got a little panic attack, my nerves tingled, and I got a shortness of breath and almost stopped.

Decided not to let that win this time and plough on. Since my personal NaNoWriMo isn’t actually about writing a novel, but about getting into the habit of writing every day and exploring what works for me to help my writing practice, I thought a diary would be a good idea.

Every day I’m going to open a WordPress post and fill it with my thoughts and what I’ve been up to in the day.

Some days will have more, but today it’s the first day of this practice whilst I’ve a long day at work so I’m not really expecting much to be in here at all.

I also have to remember to not make this a practice of web work/design but actually about writing, and that’s why I chose this site theme, clean and very few bells and whistles to get in the way of putting words out there.

My main plan is to work from a couple of books through the month, complete a short online poetry course, and just write for at least 1667 words a day and complete 50000 words for the month. As I said earlier they aren’t meant to be a novel but they do have to be coherent pieces at least.

Complete Creative Writing Course

Complete Creative Writing Course

I’ve put out two newsletters for other projects today but only one of them was my writing, a small review for a book, so quite happy with the amount of writing I’ve done so far, but will probably write another review later and work on the main book that I’ve got for the month the ‘Complete Creative Writing Course’ by Chris Sykes.

The plan is to work an hour a night on this to develop a consistent writing practise and hopefully write some small pieces of work that I can share.

Ten Things About Writing

Ten Things About Writing

I’ll also be participating in the First Steps in Short Form Poetry from the National Centre for Writing developed by Aki Schilz to give me another, possibly more structured, focus for my practise.

Last, but in no way least I bought ‘Ten Things About Writing’ by Joanne Harris to have as a sort of touchstone book, I was going to have it by the computer and read it at random, but once I opened it I started just reading all the wonderful little tips.

Inspiring and comforting at the same time.

Now off to actually read a book on writing!