NaNoWriMo Day #6

In the shallow end…

In the shallow end…

Word count after writing a long newsletter yesterday and the diary post is now a respectable 4541.

After writing a few of these updates and looking at the information I’m giving out in them I realised it isn’t worth doing my weekly newsletter (Wicked Words Wednesday) until December comes around, as there’s nothing left for a weekly newsletter.

In December there will be less daily updates on the blog and more about my actual writing therefore the newsletter will be more active in the future.

Today I’ve been working on another project I volunteer for reading and editing short stories for publication and I’ve not really got around to doing much work on my own writing, but have started plotting a piece about how libraries were really important to me throughout my life but especially in my mid to late teens.

The basic core before I started work on this was:

I was so lucky that I had two good early figures in my life regarding reading, my nan and Miss Lawson.

Both the local librarians and Edinburgh Central librarians were comforting and caring.

Local as refuge from family, central as refuge from life and later on a warm place to sit and read.

Reading and education as a way of escaping.

So far I’ve developed this little thought piece into about 600 words and counting, talking about how I feel libraries changed my life.

The photo prompt today is a photograph of an Antony Gormley in the Water of Leith, a shadow in the flow of the river.

NaNoWriMo 2021

Writing Tools

Writing Tools

For years I’ve always found the thought of NaNoWriMo quite intimidating and was put off by the sheer amount of words that have to be produced in a month, but then I’ve put off the idea of writing in general as I am so nervous of committing to writing anything over and above a blog post here and there, a couple of hundred words on something that is external to me.

I’ve quite happily put book reviews, film reviews, thoughts on art history, and lots of other subjects out into the world as these have been flow of consciousness types of writing, no planning and only a few paragraphs long, but I’ve never committed to putting down my own ideas in the form of stories, poetry, or other forms of writing which require more thought and polishing.

This year though I’ve decided to participate in NaNoWriMo, but under my own terms.

I’m going to use the month to commit to the idea of writing.

I’ve accumulated loads of books and links over the year, I have even got a Masterclass account (mainly for photography but there are some brilliant writing resources on there). I will be using these and the NaNoWriMo community to help me embed writing as a habit over the next month so that it is easier to continue this once the month is over.

So I’m going to try and write, or explore something to do with writing, every day.

This may be actual writing itself, or it could be watching one of the Masterclass videos, Youtube videos, or other media and thinking about it, jotting down some notes and reflecting on what I’ve been told and learned.

Or it may be responding to a writing prompt from somewhere, reading about writing in one of the many books I have on the subject, jotting down ideas, writing a poem or a drabble, expanding a character profile, working on world building for an RPG setting, anything, but it will be to do with the craft of writing and whatever it produces will go onto this blog, it may be private for me as it is (hopefully) for publication, but there will be tons of random posts on here.

In anticipation of starting this journey I treated myself to a Paper Republic XL Traveller’s Journal so will see lots of that in various photographs I put up on the blog.

I’m really looking forward to this journey as it feels I’ve been building up to it for years.