David Ladyman


I have a broad range of experience in surveying properties including the older ranges and I am a trainer and assessor of candidates with the country’s leading trainer of Commercial Energy Assessors, Domestic Energy Assessors and Home Inspectors.

As a ‘Competent’ person I can undertake all the necessary calculations required for the SAP requirements:

  • I can take the requisite data from plans to calculate the elemental U-values, Target values and produce the Carbon Index and SAP ratings.
  • Give professional guidance to adjust the design or build specification to meet the standards required.
  • Provide the mandatory Display Certificate for all new build dwellings.

Ed Fellows Yoga


Ed Fellows is an experienced and qualified yoga teacher based in South London. He teaches small and individual classes in Brixton, Clapham, Battersea, and Herne Hill. He also runs workshops in and outside London.

Classes are open to all levels of experience and emphasise individual attention. Ed also specialises in back problems and injuries.

Ed was first introduced to Hatha Yoga in India, 19 years ago. He practised Iyengar Yoga for 10 years, mostly in Britain, but also in India with BKS Iyengar.

For the past seven years he has worked closely with Sophy Hoare and Diane Long, both students of Vanda Scaravelli. He completed a teacher training with John Stirk and Sophy Hoare.

Elaine Fletcher Yoga


Having practiced yoga since the early 1980′s, I have now been teaching for more than twenty years. Yoga has been an invaluable tool for me- maintaining a sense of wellbeing, physically, mentally and emotionally.

In 1994 I qualified as a teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga – the largest yoga organization in the U.K. and have since gone on to do further training . My approach to asana has been influenced by working with well-respected teachers , Peter Blackaby and John Stirk who draw on their knowledge from osteopathy, to encourage practice that focuses on the natural alignment of the body. Utilizing the role of the breath to create movement and release tension is also key in refining awareness and promoting a sense of well- being.

Rose Frain


Rose Frain
Rose Frain

An independent artist based in Edinburgh Scotland and exhibiting nationally and internationally, ongoing project is This Time in History. Works, often realised as immersive environments, are site responsive and intensively researched. Individual two and three-dimensional works are also made. Formats and materials are appropriate to the context.

This is a custom-built site, using a lot of consultation with the customer, to get it exactly right. Built using CSS and HTML as a static site that has a lot of reusable elements which makes it easier to expand and maintain.

‘Stephen Baird has an unusual combination of excellent technical skills and personal attributes along with a highly developed aesthetic eye. He is technically accomplished, inventive, responsive and responsible, and a delight to work with.’

Sophy Hoare Yoga


I went to my first yoga class in 1970 at the former Dance Centre in Floral Street, Covent Garden. The teacher was Penny Nield-Smith, a student of B.K.S. Iyengar. Penny mainly taught large classes for the London adult education authority and never taught ‘advanced’ postures, but she taught a great deal about attention and awareness.

photograph of Sophy by Jocelyn Hoare After six years, Penny encouraged me to start teaching and I attended classes with several other Iyengar teachers to expand my practice. I had a strong desire to free my body of its limitations but I never discovered a way which satisfied me. It was as though I was searching for an elusive or non-existent key.

Stephen Baird: Photographer


This site is an area to collect the developing projects of the photographer, Stephen Baird.

His projects often address the singular loneliness that he sees as part of modern life and a growing part of the cultural landscape. What he tries to show in his photography is the, sometimes, jarring effects of this. Abandoned toys, monotonous change, scribbled protests and confined life.

This is an ever developing site, with expanding projects and new projects happening regularly.

Women in Black: Scotland


Women in Black is a network of women world-wide committed to peace with justice and opposed to war and other forms of violence. We wear black to mourn all victims of war, the destruction of people and of nature. We aim to educate, inform and influence public opinion, to make war an unthinkable option.

Women in Black began with weekly vigils by 15 Israeli women in 1988. They were soon joined by Palestinian women, and soon there were 40 Women in Black groups around Israel and the West Bank. The movement broadened to other conflicts and countries, with women gathering to stand in silence in Belgrade in protest at the Serbian regime, and in London against the Gulf War. In 2001, Women in Black was awarded the UNIFEM Millennium Peace Prize for Women and nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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