Well I was going to …

Writing Tools

Writing Tools

… set up a blog with a pen name and everything, I had the twitter account, the domain name, everything. Then I realised there were no innocents to protect if I decided to be semi-autobiographical, and I’m quite happy having my name and face linked to anything else I do online.

So I’m going to try and write, or explore something to do with writing, every day, even if it is just a review post, the more I write the better I should get is the theory.

This may be actual writing itself, or it could be watching one of the Masterclass videos, Youtube videos, or other media and thinking about it, jotting down some notes and reflecting on what I’ve been told and learned.

Or it may be responding to a writing prompt from somewhere, reading about writing in one of the many books I have on the subject, jotting down ideas, writing a poem or a drabble, expanding a character profile, working on world building for an RPG setting, anything, but it will be to do with the craft of writing…

… and whatever it produces will go onto this blog, it may be private for me as it is (hopefully) for publication, but there will be tons of random posts on here.

In anticipation of starting this journey I treated myself to a Paper Republic XL Traveller’s Journal and an Apple Magic Keyboard for my iPad, so we will be seeing lots of them in various photographs I put up Twitter of where I’m working

I’m really looking forward to this journey as it feels I’ve been building up to it for years, if not decades.

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